Classes 1  to  12  –   Dendrobium speciosum

                   1:        Dendrobium speciosum  var speciosum    –    seedling

                  2:        Dendrobium speciosum  var curvicaule    –   seedling

                  3:        Dendrobium speciosum  var grandiflorum    –   seedling

                             Prizemoney Classes 1 to 3……….1st $40, 2nd $20


                  4:        Dendrobium speciosum  –   any other variety seedling

                  5:        Dendrobium speciosum  –   inter-varietal seedling

                             Prizemoney Classes 4 & 5……….1st $25, 2nd  $15        


                 6:        Dendrobium speciosum var. speciosum

                7:        Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule

               8:        Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum

                           Prizemoney  Classes 6 to 8……….1st $75  plus trophy,  2nd $25          


               9:        Dendrobium speciosum  any other variety

                          Prizemoney  Class 9……….1st $50, 2nd $25


              10:       Dendrobium speciosum  inter varietal – var pedunculatum as one parent

             11:       Dendrobium speciosum  any other inter varietal

                         Prizemoney  Classes 10 & 12……….1st $50, 2nd $25

        Classes 12  to  18  –   Other  Australian & Australasian Species

        12:       Dendrobium kingianum   –   (all colours)

        13:       Dendrobium tetragonum

        14:       Sarcanthinae species

        15:       Dendrobium section Rhizobium (Dockrillia) Australian species

        16:       Dendrobium section Rhizobium (Dockrillia) Australasian species

        17:       Any terrestrial species

       18:       Any other Australian or Australasian species

                   Prizemoney Classes 12 to 18……….1st $25, 2nd $15

       Classes 19 to 31     –    Australian & Australasian  Hybrids  

       19:       Primary Hybrid with Den speciosum as one parent.

       20:       Any other primary hybrid.

       21:       Secondary  hybrid with Den speciosum as the species parent – white, cream, yellow

       22:       Secondary  hybrid with Den speciosum as the species parent – any other colour

       23:       Dendrobium section Rhizobium (Dockrillia) hybrid

       24:       Any Hot/Cold hybrid – predominantly pink

       25:       Any Hot/Cold hybrid  – any other colour

       26:       Any other Dendrobium hybrid   –   yellow or gold

       27:       Any other Dendrobium hybrid   –   white or cream

       28:       Any other Dendrobium hybrid   –   pink, mauve, lavender, purple or red.

       29:       Any other Dendrobium hybrid not included in classes 26 to 28.

       30:       Any Sarcanthinae hybrid.

       31:       Any terrestrial hybrid.

                   Prizemoney  Classes 19 to 31……….1st $25, 2nd $15

       32:       Junior Growers  – Any Australian or Australasian species or hybrid

                 (see conditions)                                                                                                                 

                  Prizemoney……….1st $50 plus trophy, 2nd $25

       33:      Hybrid Seedling   –    see conditions

                  Prizemoney……….1st $80 plus trophy, 2nd $40


Grand Champion  –   Dendrobium speciosum                                     $200 plus trophy

(from classes 1   to  11 )                                                           Donated by Phil Ritchie


Reserve Champion  –   Dendrobium speciosum                                   $100 plus trophy

(from classes 1   to  11 )                                           Donated by Kempsey Heights Bowling Club


Champion Dendrobium Speciosum Seedling                          Ist $100 plus trophy, 2nd $50 , 2nd $50

(from classes 1   to  5)                                                              Donated by Phil Ritchie


Champion Species  –   other than  D.  speciosum                                            $50

(from classes 12  to 18)                                                            Donated by Phil Ritchie


Champion Hybrid  –  from classes 19  to 32                                        $200 plus trophy

Donated by Earth to Joy Orchids


Reserve Champion Hybrid  –  from classes 19  to 32                          $100 plus trophy

Donated by Earth to Joy Orchids


Colin Brandon Trophy    –    from classes 19, 21 & 22                      Trophy donated by

Warren & Caroline Simpson


Most Successful Exhibitor                                                         1st $100 plus trophy, 2nd $50

Donated by ANOS Mid North Coast


Most travelled orchid                                                                    $100 plus trophy. 2nd $50

(any class)                                                                                 Donated by Phil Ritchie


Awards     ANOS Mid North Coast Group will sponsor nomination fees for ANOS awards and entries to Bill Murdoch & Ira Butler  or Hermon Slade trophy judging for Grand Champion & Champion Hybrid. Other award nominations are at exhibitors expense.


  • All entries are free and open to financial members of ANOS, an ANOS Group, or affiliated society of OSNSW and affiliates.
  • The show marshall/ANOS representatives reserve the right to;
    • reject any entry that is considered to be diseased or  infested with pests,
    • add or delete classes in consultaton with the judging panel.
  • Entries shall be received on the basis that ANOS shall take all reasonable care of exhibits, but ANOS or its sponsors shall not be responsible for any loss, destruction or damage to such exhibits, and the exhibitor shall have no claim against ANOS or its sponsors.
  • Judges will be appointed by ANOS and their decisions will be final.
  • It is the policy of ANOS Inc to neither accept nor reject taxonomic changes.
  • A seedling is a complete plant which has been grown from seed and is flowering for the first time. Speciosum seedlings will only be entered in the seedling classes and are not eligible for judging in other classes but will be eligible to be considered for Grand Champion & Reserve Champion.
  • Hybrid seedlings will only be judged in class 33
  • The most travelled orchid is the orchid which has been brought the greatest distance from its home by its owner travelling the most direct route from that location.
  • For the purposes of class 32, a junior grower shall be any person under the age of 18 years.
  • Primary hybrids shall be regarded as hybrids of two species. Labels showing parents required.
  • Secondary hybrids shall be regarded as crosses between a species and a hybrid. Labels showing parents required.
  • The Col Brandon trophy will be awarded to the plant from Classes 19, 21 & 22 which best exhibits the desirable features of Dendrobium speciosum when used in the breeding of hybrids

Click here to download a PDF of the 2018 Show Schedule.